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Welcome To The 3%

A.3 is Back!! i mean it never left, but word on the streets is season 3 is dropping July 13th.

Season 3 welcome to the 3%”

It took a while, lots of re-thinking and hours and hours of sample ideas, (who said having a brand was easy?). As a brand A.3 takes pride on the creative re-imagination of modern classics, but this season it was decided it would be a Re-introduction as well as an invitation to everyone who doesn’t know the brand. The effects of lack of consistency and being a new brand trying get established is very difficult, but the support received in the last year is amazing and A.3 appreciate every single person who supports us. Which is why this season we went back to the basics and showed just how hard we can get, dropping;

  • T-shirts (unisex)

  • Crop-Tops

  • Shorts

  • Flares

  • Hats

A lot of effort was put into colour ways and design and we hope you love it, and if you’re

down for the 3 tell a friend to tell a friend to tell an opp A.3 Runs the streets (local - Global)

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