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Aight,Bet! Hiatus

A.3 appreciates all the support received since we launched a year ago, even with lack of consistency, the reach the label has done in a year is amazing thank you guys!

The focus of A.3 has always been on creative uniqueness and stands by that, due to that reason unfortunately we will be going on a hiatus for a few months to allow the production time needed for DDS3 (It is worth the wait!) all orders made before the 29th of February will still be shipped, will not be taking any new orders, the site is now open to the public for viewing please feel free to browse.

Are you sad? were you just about to cop something? Were you waiting for payday? Don’t sweat, as a brand we don’t focus on promotion, we believe in word of mouth, we value loyalty, so for ever person that believes in A.3, let us give you an opportunity to join the set! we have an unopened box of garments of all our inventory and will be giving it away, if you want an item tell us how you’re going to style the piece and it’s yours! (you will have to pay for P&P) almost free.

Please share the brand with your peoples, tell a friend, your neighbour, an opp, your ex


  1. Max 3 items per person

  2. Tag & follow instagram account

  3. P&P must be payed before item is shipped

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